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Super Nice Book Club


Reading is super nice and so are books, and so especially is getting together with other people to discuss the ideas and thoughts in the pages. But how do you get started? We want to help through our International Confederacy of Super Nice Book Clubs. It’s probably easier than you thought to start a Super Nice Book Club (membership cards and secret decoder rings coming soon). Here are four simple steps to get reading.


1. Invite People

Invite a few friends and family. Maybe strangers if you are feeling adventurous. As each of them to invite one or two people. Poof—you have a club. Maybe later you can make satin jackets. Embroidered or patches, it’s up to you. (Email if you are interested in starting your own chapter).

2. Choose a Book

Now the fun starts. Select the book. Maybe ask your local bookseller what might be a good book to start with. Maybe you have something in mind. Whatever the book you think is super nice we’re good with. Doesn’t necessarily have to be how to make the world a little bit better (but cool if it is), but if more people are reading books and discussing, well, that’s super nice in our book. Some ideas to get you started.

3. Read the Book + Talk About It

Read the thing. Let everyone else know they should read a certain amount (a few chapters to start maybe) by a certain date where you are going to start talking about. We’re here to help if we can. You might want to take some notes as you read—might be in the margins, could be organized on a super nice pad you got just for this activity, or maybe just on scraps of old cardboard you ripped off a cereal box.

4. Rinse and Repeat

Do the whole thing again. But now you’ve already got the club together and you all are already making the world a never, more connected place. Might be time to start thinking about those satin jackets.

Local Chapters

Santa Rosa, CA

Jessica Lilga

Fairfax, CA

Karrie Hovey

Morrow Bay, CA

Liza Law

Los Angeles, CA

Tod Brilliant

San Diego, CA

Meg Ramirez

Austin, TX

Kimberly Neater

Castlegar, BC

Doreen Hucal

Charlotte, NC

Kristina Trujillo

Beaverton, OR

Susan Scott

Minneapolis, MN

John Bradley

Worcester, MA

Liz Fenton

Peachtree City, GA

Stephanie Grande

Atlanta, GA

Candice Yoo

You don’t have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them.”

–Ray Bradbury (in Fahrenheit 451)
Now there is. Graphic courtesy of our friend Jenn at @thesilverspiderprintshop

Are you interested in starting a local Super Nice Book Club Chapter?

    A Few Super Nice Recomendations

    Books suggested by club members if you are looking for a bit of inspiration. You don’t have to read one of these though. You may also get some ideas from authors who have appeared on our Nice Work! podcast. And if you want to email us and ask for a rec or suggest something to add, hit us at


    Team Human,” Douglas Rushkoff

    Humankind: A Hopeful History,” Rutger Bregman

    Mostly I Just Miss My Nipples,” Marnie Aulabaugh

    Disruptive Play,” Shepherd Siegel

    A Sand County Almanac,” Aldo Leopold

    Silent Spring,” Rachel Carson

    Plan B 4.0,” Lester Brown

    The Autobiography of Malcolm X,” Malcolm X as told to Alex Haley


    Dune,” Frank Herbert

    Planting Wolves,” Neda Disney

    Hopscotch,” Julio Cortazar

    The Master & Margarita,” Mikael Bulgakov

    Gould’s Book of Fish,” Richard Flanagan

    Coming Through Slaughter,” Michael Ondaatje

    Jesus’ Son,” Denis Johnson

    Sewer, Gas & Electric,” Matt Ruff

    Master of Go,” Kawabata

    Sharks in the Time of Saviors,” Kawai Strong Washburn

    Graphic Novels

    My Favorite Thing is Monsters,” Emil Ferris

    The Best We Could Do,” Thi Bui

    East of West,” Hickman & Dragotta

    March,” John Lewis

    Same Difference,” Derek Kim

    Get Jiro,” Anthony Bourdain, Joel Rose & Langdon Foss

    10% Nicer, That’s All We Ask.

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