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10% Nicer. But How?

Short answer. By any/ every means necessary.

How, exactly, does the SNC intend to achieve a 10% nicer world? The shortest and most honest answer is: We’re working on figuring that out and fully expect to make plenty of mistakes along the way. But we’re going full speed ahead.

We’ll get there.

It’s important to us that the fuller answer to that question is an ever-evolving and completely transparent conversation between the Super Nice Club, our partners and our club members. We know that committed members + deep partnerships = transformational change.

It is also important that we clearly identify what we believe to be the key facets of a “nicer world.” We like to call these our “Nice Buckets” and they are the spheres of our partnerships and actions.

“Committed members and deep partnerships lead to transformational change.”



The SNC will partner with and support leaders and nonprofits involved in the following areas:

Health & Wellness

A Supernice model

To get somewhere quickly, it doesn’t make sense to invent wheels from scratch unless you want to have a bumpy ride. And since we’re hellbent on making the world at least 10% nicer as swiftly as possible, we’ve decided to model our effort after the best and fastest set of wheels around; the Patagonia Action Network. This network effectively connects concerned individuals with Patagonia’s grantees—a broad group of grassroots and international organizations—helping them take immediate action on the most pressing issues facing the world today, We are confident that modeling our efforts from Patagonia’s innovations is the right path forward.


Nope. Our founder, Tod, worked for a wonderful nonprofit for six years, and he came away convinced that the best way to promote rapid, lasting change is to not launch yet another nonprofit into seas filled with similar organizations, most of which fight one another for funding, but to instead leverage the existing tools of capitalism* to help accelerate, not replicate, the world-saving efforts of others. 

There is no Patagonia Action Network-like Super Nice Foundation…yet. But there will be. Every time you wear a Super Nice Club shirt or pass on a SNiCkle or stick a Don’t Be a Dick sticker next to the register where you work we are one step closer.

This doesn’t mean that we aren’t supporting groups and benefiting causes in the Nice Buckets already, it just means we are not as structured about it as we want to be.

*Our thoughts on our current brand of consumptive capitalism and the desperate need to transition to a form of capitalism that prioritizes sustainable living on our beautiful planet are myriad, complex and often result in seemingly hypocritical personal and professional behavior. Feel free to reach out if you’d like to discuss and share your thoughts. For now, can we just agree that the idea that we can have infinite growth on a finite planet is wildly mistaken and, indeed, dangerous.

The 10 Percent Pledge

Hold us to it

Ultimately, we intend to funnel at least 10% of our gross profits into these Nice Buckets. Getting there will take some time on our part, as we must first expand our membership base considerably, mature into a responsible B-Corporation and launch the parallel nonprofit Super Nice Foundation through which we will most effectively partner.  The Ten Percent for Ten Percent Pledge is the goal that we are promising, and we expect you to hold us accountable.

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Partnership goes both ways. Super Nice Club relies on the backing of some companies doing business in ways that are in line with the club’s values for support. Likewise, SNC is a friend, advocate and sponsor for organizations and efforts our members believe in. Point is, we all lift each other up.

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Founder and Creative Director

Tod Brilliant

Chief Executive Officer

Jeremy Forcier

Content Director

John Capone

SNC Uganda

William Butala

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10% Nicer, That’s All We Ask.

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