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While the SNC is rooted in the real world, we’re also staying up to date with the high technologies that all the kids are using these days. 


The real world is the most important world. Some even argue that it’s our only world (but don’t tell that to Casper or Elon Musk or anyone who has journeyed into the eighth dimension). And so, we think it’s the very best way to connect, do nice things and have nice times. Super Nice Club real-world activities include things like:  Volunteering, hiking, live music, drinking, dancing, (book) clubbing, line dancing, laughing, crying, helping, healing, high fiveing, discussing, arguing, agreeing and, well … pretty much all the ways humans have connected since even before the Internet.

If you don’t see a Club event or activity listed near you, you can always reach out and help get something started! Check our Events page for updates, but the best way to know what’s happening in the real world is to subscribe to our newsletter and become an Insider (see below).

The Socials

While we’re still not on the Tok Tikker (should we be? Shout at us and let us know), we have reluctantly prostrated ourselves at the foilboard altar of Mark Zuckerberg’s soul-enriching platforms. Accordingly, you can find us and join the club on Facebook and Instagram. And we even hang out with the little blue bird sometimes sometimes.

Join us on discord

If you don’t know Discord, it’s like a throwback to old-school bulletin boards of the early web. (Not anything to do with Fugazi’s record label.) It’s confusing at first and ugly (always), but once you get past the geekiness you’ll grow to adore it. Like Craigslist but without the missed connections.

You’ll find all sorts of places to hang out on our Discord server and talk with other members about, well, whatever you want. You can even audio chat if that’s your thing. 

You’re invited. Just click the button below to accept your invite.

Get in touch

Say hello, send in ideas, share some good news, request a Super Nice Neighbor kit, ask for free advice, suggest a podcast guest—all of these are valid reasons for writing in. The Super Nice Club is all about connecting—especially with each other.


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Inquiries about Nice Work! 

*Oh, and the first person or AI to text us the name of the band from whose song we pulled the parakeet feathers reference wins a killer prize.
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10% Nicer, That’s All We Ask.

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