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A Nicer World Starts with you

Yeah, we know. Sounds like a lot of pressure. But without you, there would be no Super Nice Club. So, let’s start by saying that if you’re reading this, we consider you a partner.

Better Together.

Partnership is endemic to everything we do. That is a fancy way of saying we need you. We just used too many words to do it. We’re working on that. But the Super Nice Club also gets behind causes, events are organizations our members believe in. These are just a few of them.

Sometimes you just need some people

Super Nice Club members are everywhere and maybe you just need a gang of nice folks to show up. Bat-signal time. Except the Bat-signal, in this case, is the Super Nice ball.

Niceness starts at home

The first person we all partner with is ourselves.

Just like politics (but nicer) All niceness is local

Whether it’s a beach clean-up or a 10k to save the speckle-belling squawking plover, you can count on SNC members to be there in their communities.

Make it official

If you are a super nice business or organization that would like to be part of the squad official-like, reach out and we’ll put a ring on it.

Flashback to our very first Super Nice river cleanup in Healdsburg, CA.

Meet a few of our partners

North Bay Citizens

SNC created a big brothers-big sisters’ program where Club members were paired with the homeless via North Bay Citizens. Each member met with their ‘charge’ weekly for mutual education and assistance, a program intended to be a model for homeless orgs around the nation.

Russian River Cleanup

The very first Super Nice Club event ever was done in partnership with the good folks behind the Russian River Watershed Cleanup. They gave us some tips and pointers on how to get started and a staunch crew of about 15 club members turned out to dig out a big pile of trash from the river.

Phantom Tees

Patrick Ng (founder of Phantom) has collaborated with good folks such as Vans, Champion, the band Barb Wire Dolls, and The Super Nice Club. We got together with Patrick to design several SNC shirts and help host a SNC Meet-Up in Los Angeles a couple of years ago. And if you were lucky enough one of the special edition T-shirts he designed for that event, well, then you know. 

Super Nice FC

Our women’s soccer team founded by Super Nice Uganda chapter leader William Butala. The team is an extension of the art therapy work William, once a refugee at the camp himself, does at the Nakivale Refugee Camp in Uganda and helps to give the young women a healthy escape and outlet through the healing power of sport. Their kits are pretty rad, too.


This is William Butala at the Nakivale refugee camp in Uganda again. William and his crew are helping kids in so many ways. SNC gives monthly funding to NakivArt and also is poised to help steer Patreon donations — redistributing NakivArt PayPal funds received back to William.


Asal Dean, a friend and Super Nice Club Member, founded Gratitidegrams to inspire other people to share their gratitude and kindness with others. Unlike that other famous ’gram, these cross over into the real world, fun ways to remind ourselves to thank those around us who make our lives a little better, a little richer, a little more filled with love. Watch for events and other collaborations with Asal and Gratitudegrams soon.

Stephen Sinek

Also known as The Painted Warrior, for the documentary about Stephen and his wife Aeni with that title, calls himself an athlete, artist and canvas (you’ll have to watch the doc) and he embodies all three. We collaborated with Stephen on a limited-edition artist edition T-shirt we call the “STAY GR8FL.” (No longer available, sorry, but stay tuned.)

La Lona

Casandra Puga founded Lo Lona to encourage self-determination through entrepreneurship in economically challenged communities. She partnered with SNC on a collection of handmade Stay Nice and SNC-themed bags made in Uganda. The group of women who started making bags from food sacks they found in the trash in Nakivale Refugee Settlement will soon be available in boutiques in the US, with the proceeds going back to the women who make the bags.

Talk to us. We’re pretty open.

Best way is to email

10% Nicer, That’s All We Ask.

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