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Mattie Conaghan Has Racked Up 112,000,000 Views Without Doing Cocaine Bear   

Okay, we said we’d be done at 100 episodes. What we meant was that Season #1 would be done. Now it’s Season #2 and this is the first episode. Things will be very different in Season 2, kind of like how in that one season of The Office they changed offices and stuff. Or did they? Dunno, as we haven’t seen a single episode of that show. Or Seinfeld. Or Friends. Or Everybody Loves Raymond. And haven’t seen Titanic. And can’t name a single Beyonce song. And yet we exist. So does Mattie.


> The horrors of AirBnB
> A kids book about tumbleweeds and sibling angst
> Bears and copy editors who do too much cocaine (so gross)
> The Mexican President
> Racists
> Tiny book libraries for tiny humans
> The future of bespoke Afropunk ballpoints

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