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Former top Apple executive SANDRA ŠOŠKIÇ is the founder of humanoid labs. Her personal motto “go bold or go home” has defined her life, loves, failures, and successes. Listen in for a great founder/entrepreneur story as we jump into what, exactly, humanoid is…and how Sandra and her team are working to create an entirely new and innovative segment, one that embraces a new generation’s evolution away from comfortable (and toxic) conformity. Sandra makes a convincing argument that the more boldly we express ourselves, the richer the cultural tapestry we’ll weave together.

Born and raised in the Netherlands to Yugoslavian parents, Sandra rose to the top of the ad agency world, ultimately running Europe’s most prestigious ad agency, Tribal-DDB Amsterdam, before being poached by Apple to help overhaul its largest division (MarCom). Finding Apple an intriguing culture fit for empowered women, she left along with several of her favorite female powerhouses to launch humanoid.

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