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#72: KEVIN JORGESON | Pleasure + Pain = Growth

Beyond Becasue it’s there.

Alongside his climbing partner the incredible Tommy Caldwell, KEVIN JORGESON was the first to successfully complete a free climb of the Dawn Wall of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. This was a huge, huge event broadcast live around the world. Even President Obama phoned Kevin to congratulate him for this epic feat. Watch the incredible documentary that tells Kevin and Tommy’s story — DAWN WALL — on Netflix or YouTube streaming now if you haven’t seen it.

Since that epic climb, Kevin has continued to willingly create for himself huge challenges, on rock walls and in life. We talk about these challenges and, importantly, Kevin’s philosophies on how to both attack and learn from formidable challenges that you may or may not be equipped to tackle. So if you’re a Dream Big person with zero experience, this episode is for you.

> Tackling a big dream with no experience

> The wide-ranging mental and physical benefits of climbing

> Climbing kids = resilient kids

> 1Climb.Org: Providing opportunities for low-income kids

> Smashing together pleasure and pain

> What’s deadlier? Rock climbing or sitting in a cubicle 9 to 5?

> The launch of the best climbing gym on the west coast: SESSION

> New Fatherhood


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