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LORI WOODLEY is the founder of ALL IT TAKES, a non-profit that equips youth and educators with essential emotional intelligence skills to successfully navigate their lives and support their communities. Working alongside JUSTINE FISCHER (Outreach & Engagement Manager) and the rest of her team, they teach young people at critical life stages to practice empathy, compassion, initiative, responsibility, and purpose in order to create sustainable, positive outcomes.

In this episode, we talk with Lori and Justine about their mission and methods at All it Takes, as well as their brand-spanking-new film series “A Trusted Space: Meeting the Moment. ” This six-part docu-training series, accompanied by resources and training guides, aims to address the exhaustion, behavioral challenges and academic decline happening in the education system in order to turn this moment of crisis into an opportunity to foster resilience and healing in the lives of students.

The work Lori and Justine are doing isn’t just (ahem) academic. It applies in the real world in real time. Right here and right now. In fact, it can be applied immediately to the kids and students in your life and with life-changing results. This is practical education for teachers, parents, and students alike. Please please please spread the word to anyone you know with children who need a little extra love and support.

Take a listen and keep an ear out for FOUR super nice challenges in this episode. One of ’em will earn you some free swag. 🙂


Film Series Overview

EPISODE 1  Meeting the Moment

EPISODE 2 Beyond Worksheets – Amplifying Student Voice

EPISODES 3, 4, 5, 6

All It Takes Website

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