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#13: ROB CRESSY | For the Love of Sports! Rob Lives Hard, Plays Harder, Smiles the Hardest.

ROB CRESSY is not only a joyful human, he is the founder of Bacon Sports, a Chicago-based sports marketing agency. Rob also hosts FOUR sports-related podcasts, which makes him just the guy to talk basketball (remember AND1?), esports and this new thing called the “fluid fan.”

Rob also just completed Andy Frisella’s one-year “Live Hard” mental toughness program, and he’ll share some great lessons that will inspire you to challenge yourself like never before.

So, if you’re a sports nerd or someone really into self-activation, following your passion and kicking ass, Rob is your guy and you’ll love this episode of Nice Work! OR YOUR MONEY BACK! Oh, and his super nice challenge is the best yet.

#andyfrisella #demarcuscousins

Ever been afraid to follow your true passion? The guests of Nice Work! have all been there, and they've all taken the leap of faith...and stuck the landing. Host Tod Brilliant is the founder of the Super Nice Club, and his guests will hopefully give you the power to make your world 10% nicer.

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