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#57: JAMEY SMART | Baseball In the Time of COVID-19

The trip around the diamond isn’t always easy

JAMEY SMART Is a talented baseball player with his eyes on the prize. His baseball journey may not be a long one, but it has taken a lot of twists and turns as he’s traveled the world in pursuit of the major leagues … and also, really, in pursuit of meaning, wisdom, laughs and happiness. A key part of our discussion revolves around the mental health challenges faced by so many athletes. Theirs is a unique set of pressures, especially student athletes, and one that can not only clash against but be exacerbated by what’s often a sub-culture of machismo and an unhealthy type of stoicism. The good news is that more and more the new generation of athletes are finding their voice and talking more openly about their struggles … which is so damned important especially during the covid-era.

Jamey gives a blow-by-blow of his adventures so far in independent baseball, ten teams since college. His stories are filled with lots of insights and humor… if you’re into baseball, like really into it, you’ll love Jamey. 


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