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#91: Ariana and the Rose | Too Much Is Not Enough

Brooklyn indie-pop-slash-dance musician-slash-artist and performer Ariana and the Rose graces Nice Work! this week.  Billboard, Time Magazine, Vice, Nylon (who called her “the ultimate cool girl”), and a whole bunch of others have raved about her super nice high-energy dance music and her attitude and authenticity. We like all that and really appreciate her appreciation for grammar. Even on TikTok (where she’s a whole thing).

Not kidding. She’s amazing on there. Singing, playing piano, mugging backstage on before she goes on national television, dancing, giving dating advice, telling you you’re worthy and just generally being a badass. Check it out.

Give yourself a minute and browse through those TikTok Taks or Toks or TikToks or whatever they are called but the short videos of her true honest and authentic self that Ariana so generously shares on there and you’ll see what we mean.

When we think about forgiveness, we often think about what it means to the other party involved in this forgiveness scenario. But what is often lost is the permission the one doing the forgiving is giving themselves to forgive and heal. Ariana gets into all this, but it is in the context of a teaser sneak peek we get of a brand new and amazingly danceable song that you’ll be some of the first folks to hear. Forgive us if we are late to the game.

It’s a healing sort of anthem set to four-on-the-floor and some synths.”

There’s a lot more going on in this episode with Ariana and the Rose (Miss Di Lorenzo if you’re nasty). Including the chance to win tickets to see Ariana and the Rose perform on March 3 and enough talk about feet to make Quentin Tarrantino an avid listener. But we also got around to asking things like what do people mean when they say women are too much? Like WTF does that even mean? Probably not much. Now settle in and buckle up.

Some things you may learn about

>> Attitude and authenticity

>> Toxic wellness

>> East Coast vs West Coast grammar smackdown

>> How you hold so much more than the food you eat

>> Being emotionally slutty

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