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#78: GREG NORTON | Hüsker Dü to Ultrabomb

The Revolution Starts in the Mirror

Iconic bass guitarist, chef and super nice human GREG NORTON of Hüsker Dü joins Nice Work! to rap about:

> His brand-spanking-new international punk rock super band: ULTRABOMB! 
> The complete Hüsker Dü origin story
> Why record stores matter(ed)
> Moving from the stage to the kitchen
> The importance of being nice to yourself

From Hüsker Dü to Ultrabomb: Greg then and now

And lots more, of course. So give a listen, share, subscribe, share, subscribe, share, comment, comment, feedback, talk with us, stay nice, subscribe and share.  🙂

Greg on Instagram
HD ‘Live at Camden Palace’ video
HD Box Set “Savage Young Dü
NNB ‘Slack’ on YouTube

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