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#93: RICHARD VEVERS has one client: the oceans


Just like the title of this podcast says, Richard’s Ocean Agency is a very unique creative agency that is dedicated to just one client, a client that many argue is the most important in the world. Yes, even more important than Nike, Apple or Amazon. Indeed, the Oceans are #1 in the Future 500 listing, while the aforementioned corporate titans all languish at or near the bottom. Not to overly slag the companies who are literally shitting in our oceans and destroying life on Earth in their endless quests to garner market share, but it’s fair to point out that what Richard is doing is far, far more valuable than anything Jeff Bezos has ever dreamed up. Assuming the man dreams. Not sure.

Richard’s major successes to date include 1) inventing the SVII camera and taking Google Street View underwater 2) pioneering virtual reality ocean education 3) helping create the XL Catlin Seaview Survey – the most comprehensive underwater photographic survey and record of coral reefs with over 1 million images captured and analyzed 4) the Netflix Original Documentary, “Chasing Coral” – winner of the 2018 Emmy for Outstanding Nature Documentary 5) 50 Reefs – a global scientific study to help target and inspire effective conservation support and action that resulted in $86 million in funding for leading science and conservation organizations, and 6) the Glowing campaign – a global campaign to accelerate coral reef conservation action and funding through popular influence and business involvement.

And he’s just getting started. His optimism is contagious and has moved titans of industry (see above) off their asses and into the fight to save the best of what’s left of our planet.

I think change is exponential…and we can turn things around almost overnight.”

– Richard vevers

We can do much better than this.

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