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#79: Paula Loos | Clean Wipes for All!

Best episode ever or pure potty talk? You decide. Joining us is super nice PAULA LOOS, founder of TOILESS TOILET PAPER and passionate advocate, somewhat paradoxically, of a toilet paper-free world.

This week’s episode could have gone one of two ways. It was either going to be one of the worst, dare we say shittiest, we ever sent—or one of the best. We’ll let you decide after you listen, but we’re pretty happy to say, while this podcast is literally full of crap, it is one we are proud to send you.

We all know which way the paper should hang on the roll. Now, which way do you wipe?”

Paula is here to hold us to account for what we do in one of our most private and intimate moments. Challenging us to just be a little more mindful when dealing with a particular place your head definitely shouldn’t be. Another question worth asking: Can you make the world a nicer place by changing bathroom habits?

Learning to take responsibility for what we flush away is a path to a nicer world that we hadn’t previously considered. Did you know that Tod actually records every episode of the podcast while sitting in a bathroom? This is 100 percent true. Unbeatable acoustics and unmatched privacy. So, things really come full circle in this episode. It’s always been a potty cast.

Some things you may learn

  • The eye-opening statline that 27,000 trees are cut down daily for global toilet paper production. That is every day. The average American uses 141 rolls per capita, which is 28 lbs of toilet paper per person. That’s 50% higher than any other western country. 
  • That babies as young as a couple of months old let you know when it’s time to go. That’s called “elimination communication” and while the diaper industry might not thank you for practicing it, the planet will.
  • Sophisticated new origami-esque toilet paper folding techniques:
  • The best toilet paper may possibly be no toilet paper at all. No, not like that. Can we introduce you to Tushy? If you thought bidets were just for those who lift their pinky up from teacups, check this out.
  • How to acheive the illusive clean wipe.
  • That maybe, just maybe, environmental awareness around one of our most private, intimate acts can lead to less paper waste, fewer trees chopped down, less danger to fragile ecosystems.

Listen in and pass this episode along to just ONE person you know. Pretty please? It’ll earn you ‘Nice Points’ and you’ll need those to get into heaven, or nirvana, or future Super Nice Club cocktail parties. 🙂


Elimination Communication

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