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#27: AMELIA BOONE | The Root Beer Interview

This week we have the one and only AMELIA BOONE. Amelia is one of the most accomplished athletes in the history of obstacle course racing. Admittedly, if you don’t know what obstacle course racing is, that won’t mean much to you … which is totally okay. Just know that’s she’s a super badass, ranked as one of the 50 Fittest Women by Sports Illustrated, has been featured on/in ESPN, Outside Magazine, Men’s Health, Women’s Running, and a ton more. And she’s an attorney for Apple, which is interesting if you’re interested in attorneys or Apple… or if you’re interested in what it takes to pursue your real passion while holding down a day job.  Have you ever felt like you had to hide one from the other? It’s a real thing for many of us.

As well as an athlete and attorney, Amelia is a human being One with lots of feels. And fears. And struggles. And stuff. Stuff that until recently she didn’t really deal with … stuff like an eating disorder that not only messed with her racing career, but with life in general. Self-esteem, personal relationships, the whole shebang. Eating disorders are not super nice, but facing them and then offering personal and public support for others who are doing the same, or need encouragement to so, that’s really super duper nice. And we’ll talk about that. We’ll also talk about a crazy fitness contraption that makes jazzercise look cool

Oh, Amelia also comes clean about a hidden fetish you might not know about (okay there’s a MASSIVE hint in the title)…one closely associated with the nearly obscure Charles. Elmer. Hires. Yep.   

Amelias Web + Awesome Blog:

IG: @arboone11

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