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#67: CHRISTOPHER SOREN KELLY | Stop Making Excuses! Triple Down on Your Strengths

Actor-Writer-Director Christopher Soren Kelly Talks The Tangle

CHRISTOPHER SOREN KELLY has a brand new sci-fi movie out—and it’s a gem, definitely Super Nice Club approved. It’s called THE TANGLE. And you’re going to watch it because it’s amazing! Listen in to Chris talk about what it took to make The Tangle and what it takes to launch a major project when you don’t have resources. Whatever your project, limitations are excuses and ones that can be overcome by accentuating the skills and resources you already have.

Christopher is also a meditation teacher. And in all of his work he’s searching, exploring, learning about the mysteries, which is a super nice way of moving through life. Listen in and get to know Christopher, his work and maybe even yourself a bit better.  

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