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#68: LENORE SKENAZY | Hey Parents, It’s Time to Let Grow

Free-Range Is Not Just for Chickens

LENORE SKENAZY is founder of the Free-Range Kids movement and president of Let Grow, a non-profit promoting childhood independence and resilience. She is also a speaker, blogger, syndicated columnist and best-selling author A mother who lives in Queens, her controversial decision to let her then-9-year-old son take the New York City subway home alone became a national story and prompted massive media attention. Let Grow, co-founded in 2018 with Daniel Shuchman, Dr. Peter Gray and Prof. Jonathan Haidt, continues the quest to make it “easy, normal and legal” to give kids back some old-fashioned independence of thought and deed.

Leonore. Photo by Evan Mann

We talk about free-range kids, the truth about crime rates in the USA, some approaches to putting away the leashes…especially if you’re a first-time parent. I really had a hard time grounding my own helicopter with my first son, believe me. Hope you love our talk! 

Twitter: LetGrowOrg
Twitter: FreeRangeKids
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