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#62: ERICA RHODES | Is a Super Nice Comedian Who Can See Your Darkly Gorgeous Soul if She Holds Up a Lemon to Her Eyeball

Sad Lemon doesn’t hit a sour note.

Super Nice human ERICA RHODES started out by voicing the conscience of Garrison Keillor on NPR’s A Prairie Home Companion and has worked on that show ever since. She’s appeared on ABC’s Modern Family, HBO’s Veep … and a bunch of other shows but I don’t like typing much, so it’s better for me if I skip over the rest and save myself some keystrokes while you go online, maybe, and do some Internet sleuthing to uncover my willful omissions. It’s not that I’m trying to hide anything from you, or not deliver an exceptional experience, it’s just that I am truly allergic to time spent inputting characters via a lowgrade keyboard like the ones that come on Macbook Pros. It’s a horrible experience. Anyway, Erica’s most recent comedy album SAD LEMON hit #1 on the iTunes comedy chart, which is impressive. Are you impressed? I’m impressed. Listen in, as it only gets better. Promise.

Why is this lemon sad?


> Stalkers: Reliable Indicators of Fame?

> Spicy Talk about Pre-Marital Sex

> Those Moments Where You Reassess Your Career Choice, Again and Again and Again

> A Shallow Dive into the Complex Machinations of a Comedian’s Psyche

> A Great Reason to Break Up with YOUR Therapist

> The Great NFT Hoodie Giveaway

> Proud Mary Coffee

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