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#49: NEDA DISNEY | Tiny Seeds & Hungry Wolves (Curly’s Story)

This week’s guest is author NEDA DISNEY, whose novel Planting Wolves is a mind-blower:

Planting Wolves unfolds like a crossword puzzle drawn over a map of the Los Angeles freeway system. Winding, playful, and bloody, it keeps you slightly uncomfortable for the majority of the ride, unsure of what to expect or how things overlap.” – LA Review of Books

Frisco Book Review: “This book will feed your voyeuristic urges as you look deeply through the eyes of each character. Brilliantly written.” — San Francisco Book Review

Planting Wolves is a beautifully written masterpiece. A wonderful point-of-view story that comes full circle. Disney captures the lives of six intricate characters whose lives are so magnificently intertwined it will leave you wanting more.” — Seattle Book Review

In addition to talking about this super nice book, you’ll enjoy some musings on:

> The difference between a writer and someone who writes

> Why it can be hard to admit that you’re a writer

> Are you a Moe, Larry or Curly?

> Rosemary’s Baby, The Shining (why were horror movies so amazing in the 1970s?)

> Why a pronunciation fetish isn’t super nice

> The misperceptions around Los Angeles


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