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#31: JONATHAN WARD | The Legendary Builder of Wonderful Things

This week’s guest is the visionary Jonathan Ward, co-founder with his wife Jamie of bespoke auto designer and builder ICON. The attention to craft, the artistry in melding so many disciplines to make their world-class vehicles is a true hand and heart affair. Legend is a word thrown around casually in a world addicted to superfluous superlatives, but in this case it fits: Ward is a legend and a true analog hero.   

> ICON’s backstory + absolute dedication to making the best vehicles on the planet
> The secret to building a business with your significant other
> Being brave enough to follow your passion
> The electric car future?
> Brand Building with Jonathan’s EFFF NO or HELL YEAH decision tree
> The best budget collector car to invest in now…
> The epic, Fidel-powered hunt for a rare Aston-Martin in Cuba
> more more more

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ICON 4×4


More on the Cuba Aston-Martin Story

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