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#58: JOHN CAPONE | On Steering the Ship That is Whalebone – The Delightfully Disorienting 4th Best Magazine in the World

What’s the rush?

We welcome JOHN CAPONE, Quartermaster and Director of Content of WHALEBONE MAGAZINE. Whalebone has been called “National Geographic’s more laid back younger brother” and “the magazine for the beautiful people whose souls haven’t withered and died under the relentless, toxic, dehumanizing grind of consumptive corporate culture.” It’s also been called “a sweet publication that’ll make you smile.”

John has dedicated himself to the craft of publishing, mastering the trade at the cusp of the print-digital evolution. He has worked with some of the true luminaries of the publishing and design world … and is now threatening to become one himself. Listen in, as we explore his passion and discover more hints as to what it takes to achieve the dream of Nice Work!

Should you read the entire article or just scroll past the headline?

Do magazines have more power than an electric battery made by Elon Musk? How are they making the world a nicer place? What exactly is a shrift? We ask the hard questions like should you read the entire article or just scroll past the headline? We’ll talk about Hall & Oats, legendary graphic designer David Carson, Santa Rosa, Montauk, Mexico and ayahuasca.

Viva print! Inside The Mexico Issue of Whalebone.

We somehow go from talking about all that to pondering whether or not we are all living in a simulation. If we were actually living in a simulation wouldn’t all of us be having hot cocoa with whipped cream while sitting in a hot tub watching videos of Heather Locklear? Or whatever your version of that is. Maybe you don’t like whipped cream. And Tod had promised to stop microdosing before doing podcast interviews… so turn off the outside world (simulation or not) for a little bit and tune into the delightfully disorienting world of Whalebone.


Ever been afraid to follow your true passion? The guests of Nice Work! have all been there, and they've all taken the leap of faith...and stuck the landing. Host Tod Brilliant is the founder of the Super Nice Club, and his guests will hopefully give you the power to make your world 10% nicer.

10% Nicer, That’s All We Ask.

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