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#21: JOUMANA HADDAD | The Super Nice Big-Mouthed Feminist Atheist Arab Woman who breaks ALL THE TABOOS

Joumana’s life and passions are hard to summarize, so here’s Wiki’s effort: Joumana Haddad is a Lebanese author, public speaker, journalist and women’s rights activist. She has been selected as one of the world’s 100 most powerful Arab women for four years in a row by Arabian Business Magazine (she came in position 34 in 2017), for her cultural and social activism. She is founder of Jasad, a quarterly Arabic-language magazine specialized in the arts and literature of the body (2009–2011). Haddad launched a new TV show in November 2018 on Alhurra highlighting the topics of free expression and critical thinking.… she’s an absolutely inspiring human.

If you’re a little sensitive to talk about sex and sexuality, this episode might make you blush .. which means you, of all people need to turn off everything else, tune out the rest of the world and drop in to NICE WORK! with Joumana Haddad.

Some topics:

Why the civil rights fight must never end
Feminism in the Arab world (and beyond)
Sexual repression’s relationship to violence against women
The situation in Lebanon
Is it Super Nice to bring more lives into this world?
Joumana Haddad Freedoms Center
Winning a seat in Parliament, then being robbed of that seat

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