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#89: Monica Canfield-Lenfest | Sacred Mirrors Healing

A skeptics’s guide to psychic healing

Are you a curious person? Sure, most of us consider ourselves curious, but are you really? And if you do consider yourself a curious person, does that make you stop being as curious? These questions—how we view and relate to the world—are at the heart of this week’s episode with healer and clairvoyant Monica Canfield-Lenfest.

Monica walks us through the steps, methodology, and six principles it takes to become an even more curious person. And they may or may not even make you a better pinball player. Tod is hoping so.

Her path to these methods came through her work giving clairvoyant readings, meditation workshops, and ceremonies that offer a sacred mirror for your personal evolution. We all want to become more evolved, right? Monica has been offering clairvoyant sessions for the past six years following training at Psychic Horizons in San Francisco. As a clairvoyant, she can see energy as images that represent beliefs or patterns that are ready to shift. Rather than predicting the future or providing advice, this gentle yet empowering style of healing helps you see your own information more clearly and release what’s no longer serving you.


No matter take on clairvoyance and psychic abilities—and you can count us among skeptics—there is a lot to learn from Monica’s program, which she teaches in sought after workshops. Her career has been dedicated to transforming the personal, interpersonal and communal conditions of our world. She helped create the Healthy Minds Program, a mobile app that helps train your mind in awareness, connection, insight and purpose through guided meditations and scientific podcasts. Today, she’s helping build a new program called Architecting Curiosity. And, curiosity can really be the key ingredient.

We have inner wisdom that we are born with, but that shows up in different ways for different people.

–Monica Canfield-Lenfest

Hopefully, you’ll take away these grounding principles in whatever way best serves you. On top of this, there is a lot to learn and inspiration to take from Monica’s journey to becoming the teacher and guide she is today. Her path to becoming a healer includes what she learned as the daughter of a parent who out as a trans and helping others who have found themselves in a similar situation—one for which she found limited support so she created it.

You’ll also want to stay tuned for the Mongolian death metal and Tod’s live psychic reading (in which he divines the ultimate solution to Choice Paralysis.

A few Things You May Learn About

>> Six foundational principles to help you through all of life’s challenging journeys

>> Curiosity, the fountain of youth

>> Can you predict your career as a clairvoyant?

>> How to become a pinball wizard, guaranteed

>> On being the child of a transgender parent

>> Consent and energetic consent

>> How to date a psychic

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