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#25: PRINCE STASH KLOSSOWSKI DE ROLA | The Man Who Was (And Is) There


Come join the psychedelic ballet


Prince Stanislas “Stash” Klossowski De Rola. Stash is a man apart….and yet intimately intertwined. Stash is an adventurer, explorer, connoisseur, educator, musician, actor, aristocrat … and is the son of the famed French artist Balthus. Stash knew, befriended, loved and collaborated with a huge range of cultural icons.

In this episode of Nice Work!, you’ll hear behind the scenes stories about so many of our icons (see the epic list below), and we’ll talk with Stash about his lifelong explorations into alchemical wisdom, the allure of boxing, 8-track tapes, castle renovation, and a whole lot more.  

SPECIAL BONUS: Also included are two unreleased tracks that Stash is working on. These are in-progress sneak peeks … one of which is destined for his Padmasambhava psychedelic ballet project. Just listen. It will all make sense. And also it won’t, which is the best part.  

> Alejandro Jodorowsky  
> The Rolling Stones  
> Syd Barrett  
> The Beatles  
> Padmasambhava
> Vince Taylor  
> Fellini> Brian Jones  
> Anita Pallenberg  
> Donovan  
> Ike Turner  
> David Bowie  
> Romina Power  
> Krishnamurti  
> Lord Byron  
> Balthus  
> Gary Lachman/Valentine (Blondie)  
> Arthur Lee (Love)  
> Bobby Woodman Clark  
> Kenneth Anger  
> Albino Frank  
> Prince Giovanni del Drago  
> Mary Shelley  
> Gurdjieff  
> Marianne Faithful

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