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#03: MOLLY GRACE: Multiple Sclerosis, Health Care Fail & Normalizing Compassion

Molly Grace is a self-proclaimed “MS loudmouth” wakes up every day to the challenges of multiple sclerosis. In an extended conversation that traces Molly’s personal journey, we’ll learn about multiple sclerosis aka the “prime of life” disease, its many hidden battles and silent suffering, the crippled U.S. health care system that literally kills people and, on a more inspiring note, the super nice work that is being done on the front lines.  Molly is a self-proclaimed “MS loudmouth” and her relentlessness and unquenchable fire means ignorant legislators and, ultimately, MS itself stands no chance.

Ever been afraid to follow your true passion? The guests of Nice Work! have all been there, and they've all taken the leap of faith...and stuck the landing. Host Tod Brilliant is the founder of the Super Nice Club, and his guests will hopefully give you the power to make your world 10% nicer.

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