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#77: WILLIAM RYERSON | Help Women, Help the World


As I continue to travel around the world, I am still consistently surprised at the treatment of women, the degradation of women, violence against women, taboos about women’s menstruation and menopause, accusing women of being witches and inflicting punishment and even death. It is shocking that women are treated this way in the 21st century. Violence against women in its various forms is the most pervasive public health and human rights issue.”

Bill Ryerson

That’s a mighty strong quote from this week’s guest, BILL RYERSON founder of Population Media Center. Without exaggeration, Bill is one of the humans who has done the very most to help preserve and enhance both people and planet. Listen in and learn about how Bill and Population Media Center have:

> Reached 500,000,000+ people to date

> Reduced violence against women

> Increased literacy and education among women

> Educated around population pressures

> Made the world Super Nicer

Also learn …

> How serialized dramas have drastically improved cultures

> The drawbacks of lecturing people on how to live their lives vs. showing them ways to improve them

> How using a condom can make you wealthier

> Governmental coercion vs. highlighting new behavior benefits

> The Big Secret Behind Hulu’s East Los High

> A Deep History of the Ryerson Surname in North America  

> And How the Titanic relates to this…

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