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#08: BOBBY CONN & MONICA BOUBOU: A Conversation about Rock ‘n Roll Glam Punk Disaster Recovery as we Rise up Against a Disposable Future

This podcast will change your life.

Not so much because you’ll learn how two glam rock superstars praised by Bowie and yours truly make mind-blowing music, tour the world, raise a family, sustain a solid middle-class suburban Chicago lifestyle AND hold down full-time jobs. Or because you’ll take a deep dive into the Chicago indie-rock music scene. Or because you’ll learn that there is such a thing as Polish-Korean fusion cuisine and that it’s reallly good. No, it will change your life because you’ll realize that you can pursue that big passion of yours without upsetting the apple cart that is the monotonous daily grind that threatens to forever subsume the very best bits of your soul. Smiley face. But seriously folks, read between the lines and listen between the ramble, and you’ll find More Than You Need in this hour of exploring with two super nice superstars. So listen up and get ready for the Best Years of Our Lives.


Bobby Conn on Bandcamp
Kimski Restaurant
Damon Locks – The Black Monument Ensemble
Tim Kinsella Coronavirus article

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