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#64: MAGIC WANDS | Music Made with REAL MAGIC!

Get ready for the Woo

What if real magicians made music? That’s the main theme of this special “super woo” edition of Nice Work! with Dexy and Chris from LA dreampop lovewave psychic-magic band MAGIC WANDS. We cover all kinds of magic, but don’t be afraid of the sparks.  🙂 

> lucid dream tips & tactics
> out of body experiences
> ancient sound healing
> solfeggio frequencies
> silly simulation theorists
> manly p. hall
> natassja kinski
> David Bowie 
> the beauty of teenage love
> 11:11 magic
> oh, and their new album   🙂

Magic Wands website
Magic Wands new album on Bandcamp
Sun7LA (Instagram)

Super Besse on Bancamp
Molchat Doma on Bandcamp
Ploho on Bandcamp

KEITH ALLEN (@chetsaber)

Ever been afraid to follow your true passion? The guests of Nice Work! have all been there, and they've all taken the leap of faith...and stuck the landing. Host Tod Brilliant is the founder of the Super Nice Club, and his guests will hopefully give you the power to make your world 10% nicer.

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