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#10: RONNIE VANNUCCI, JR + TAYLOR MILNE Talk About The Killers & The Silver State

The Killers’ Ronnie Vannucci is one of rock’s best and most successful drummers, though he’ll be the first to disagree. Taylor Milne is a great guitarist who plays alongside Ronnie and has his own band The Silver State. These great friends are lucky enough to be doing what they love to do – and they recognize this – and that’s nice work. Some of what we’ll cover in this episode:

> Early Vegas music days namedrops (Attaboy Skip, Curl Up & Die, Expert in October, The Ted Sablay, Caleb Lindskoog)

> The state of the Killers 2020 tour

> Taylor terrifying Jimmy Kimmel moment

> The Great South American Ball Shot

> The infamous Big Shot bubble bath

> Taylor impersonates Werner Herzog

> Ronnie explains the power of mirroring

> Why Taylor wants to get his hands on your teeth

Listen in for other surprising details about their lives and.. get this, we’ll also podcast debut The Silver State’s gorgeous new track, “Mirror.”

Some Nice Links

The Silver State on IG

The Killers on IG

The Silver State Bandcamp

The Killers Website

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