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#85: Shelby Hartman | The Mind Leading the Double Blind

Turn on, tune in, and drop into…

SHELBY HARTMAN is the founder and CEO of Double Blind magazine, a super nice publication that covers “timely, untold stories about the expansion of psychedelics around the globe.” Shelby is a graduate of the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and has worked as a journalist for VICE Media, LA Weekly, Huffington Post and others. Listen in to learn about her journey, how DB came to be, her Super Nice challenge to YOU and, as almost always, a couple of chances to win super nice stuff, including a subscription to Double Blind.

You may have noticed that we talk about this a fair bit on the podcast. Why have we had so many guests whose mission it is to spread the word of psychedelics and plant medicine? Amy Emerson from MAPS, Mushroom Queen Ophelia Chong, Andrew D’Angelo, Laganja Estranja and a number of other guests who have touched upon this. And we honored to have Shelby dropping by to give her, very informed and journalistic, take on all this.

When you feel better, you start to treat other people better.”

Shelby Hartman

Double Blind is much more than a magazine (though there is a print magazine swimming up-the-digital-stream), but it’s also a much larger platform and community with workshops, courses and all that community entails (such as these rad handmade gold pins). As much as Double Blind covers the mechanics of micro-dosing and tripping and it is about fresh perspectives and ways to become open to them.

Inside the hive mind of Double Blind.

Are psychedelics for everyone? Of course not, but they hold great promise as powerfully effective treatments for PTSD, depression, anxiety and more … the better our collective mental health, the nicer our collective world.

We absolutely guarantee this episode is a nicer conversation about micro-dosing than anything you will hear from Joe Rogan or your money back.

Challenge at: 52:13

A few things you may learn

> Micro-dosing with psilocybin
> How to grow your own mushrooms
There probably is a decriminalization group in Milwaukee
> How “Reality is far greater than the boundaries of normal consciousness.” (Shout out to Paul Stamets.)
> Sleep is super nice 
> The underrated importance of being kind to yourself

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