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#87: Miles Francis: The Unboxing of a Good Man

Miles is Making Huge Happiness Bubbles More Popular

Mile Francis, a hyper-talented Brooklyn-based singer, songwriter, activist, multi-instrumentalist, video collagist and flatbed-truck riding performance artist, sits down to talk about it all on the podcast this week. Their career is right at that commencing-countdown-engines-on phase. So buckle up for Nice Work! with Miles Francis. 5, 4, 3, 2…

I realized the most direct way I could help was to get a drum and go out to marches and keep a beat for organizers.

That’s just a tease, as there’s a lot more to Miles than music. But there is the music, combining more of Miles’ super nice inclinations. It’s through music that they engage most directly in the most important dialogues and movements of our time.

There are some serious Bowie-glam-art-pop-vibes in the video for “Good Man” in which Miles posits that it probably takes more than a beard and some eye shadow to be a good man:

And they’re brave enough to ask the musical question “What if Fela covered Prince?”

So turn off everything else, tune out the rest of the world and buckle up for Nice Work! with Miles Francis.

You may learn about

> Miles’ brand new album “Good Man”
> What, exactly, is a “good man”?
> Two white men talk about cancel culture
> Et tu, Apple? #appletoo
> An evolution of unboxing
> Embracing the non-binary
> Tony the Wonder Dog
> Operator Music Band
> Who rocks out on a flatbed truck careening through the streets of NYC? Miles does.

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