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because they’re awesome & eating them will make UR dick fall off

“I work for sharks, they are everything to me, and my story is one of loss at the hands of environmental injustice, and I work to take back what I believe is mine, and that is a future in an ocean that has sharks. The most important career I can hope to be involved in, is the protection of this planet, and thus my own future. I want a future with sharks in it, this is the end I am fighting for. I have seen a change in my lifetime, I am not an activist, or a conservationist, I am just a person, who refuses to believe they will lose their home in their lifetime, at the hands of governments and worldwide neglect of this species. Not now, nor has it ever been impossible for one person to make a difference.”

Listen in and learn a whole lot about what YOU can do to help Madison help the sharks who, you knew, help our oceans survive which, you know, help us survive. So, consider this episode a self-help episode… even better than all those podcasts that go on and on about (neo) Stoicism and libertarian bullshit. 🙂

Project Hiu is an effort that is WORKING right here and right now. Watch the short video and get involved!

Some Things You Might Learn About

>> The current state of affairs for our shark friends

>> Madison’s Project Thiu

>> Why homeschooling can be a super nice option for kids who aren’t built for traditional educaiton

>> How bloody shark heads are used to intimidate those who threaten their small-minded ways

>> How to get a free SNC hat

… and a lot more….

Top photo of Madison by @tannerunderwater

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