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#96: SOPHIA BENOIT | Super Nice Sex Advice

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Sophia is awesome, let’s just put that out there. She’s had bylines in The Guardian, Allure, Refinery29, Reductress, Mr. Porter and The Cut. She is also a regular sex & relationships columnist for Bustle and GQ.  She’s also the author of the new book,  “Well, This is Exhausting” a collection of extremely personal and absurdly funny essays about Sophia’s life. Her dating life, her sex life, her life as a writer, growing up struggling with obesity. You can read a bunch of glowing reviews here or just take our word for it.

Some Things You WILL ABSOLUTELY Learn About

> Are orgasms overrated?  

> Sex: Quality vs. Quantity  

> The need for wildly insecure role models

> Being real about fatphobia

> Opening up about fantasies and fetishes

> Are mean girls really mean?

> Resisting the urge to fly your woke flag

> Democrats or Republicans – Who makes a better lover?

> The ONE thing men can do to supercharge their online dating life

> The ONE thing men can do to supercharge their real-world dating life

> A football player’s worst sex ever

> A football player’s worst sex ever

> A money-back guarantee  

Top photo of Madison by @tannerunderwater

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