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#46: ISABEL SAMARAS | Why Not & What If? Remixing Old Masters into Newer, Nicer Universes

There’s no better way to encapsulate this episode than through Isabel Samaras’ own words:

“It all kinda whirls together — old movies, a pretty broad spectrum of art, music music music, all the sci-fi books I tore through as a kid, Ultraman and all kinds of Kaiju, fairy tales and fables, the absurdist humor of Monty Python, monsters of every ilk, and very most especially all the many permutations of love: unrequited, blazing out of control, thwarted, tender, forbidden, maternal, and inter-species. Often a painting will just start with a feeling, which might come from a combination of eating chocolate, listening to Bill Withers sing “Use Me”, and thinking about how odd it is that one of my favorite painters, Ingres, lived during this time of incredible sexual repression (the Victorian era).”

Isabel and a Planet of the Apes mash-up

That, plus the happiness of birds. And naked Batmen. And how talking to strangers makes both of you feel happier for HOURS. And sci-fi kids: Are they learning a broader world/universe view? And the whole damsels in distress thing … and … and … and …

Just join us. It’s a great talk. Super promise or your money back!


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Great wiki on Artemisia Gentileschi


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