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#65: LUCIENNE ALLEN Dishes on Family Friend Frida Kahlo

That’s not all, but just wanted to get your attention

Artist and art historian LUCIENNE ALLEN was born into a family of artists, and in her case rather accomplished and famous artists. Her grandmother was Lucienne Bloch, the widely renowned muralist, photographer and sculptor. She had a close friendship with Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera and together they formed a mutual admiration society that lasted a lifetime. If you’re a Frida or Diego fan, this is a talk that should interest you.

Lucienne’s great-grandfather was a name familiar to most Classical music lovers-: Swiss-American composer Ernest Bloch.

So listen in for a unique perspective on Frida, Diego, and what it’s like to do the super nice work of keeping your family legacy burning bright.

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Amazing Lucienne + Frida Photos:
Lucienne Allen on IG:

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