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#54: KAARE ANDREWS | Get Your Ass Into the Blizzard

Get Your Ass into the Blizzard: The Comics, Films & Philosophies of a Creative Renegade

Writer, artist, director and all-around creative powerhouse KAARE ANDREWS has worked on comic books such as Spider-Man, Iron Fist, Thor, Incredible Hulk, Batman, X-Men, Star Wars, Superman, and Wonder Woman, to name just a few major titles. He’s also created a favorite hero of mine: Renato Jones, and his new series E-ratic is available now through startup publisher AWA. He was the first recipient of the Shuster Award for Outstanding Artist for his work on Spider-Man: Doctor Octopus. As an up-and-coming director, his most recent film Sniper: Assassin’s End hit #1 on Apple streaming. Basically, Kaare is a badass, so listen up.

We cover all this as well as:

> Does financial success kill creative magic?
> The weird, sneaky secret of comic books
> The coolest brutal killer superhero: Renato Jones
> The coolest new teen superhero: E-Ratic
> Hot new publisher, Artists, Writers & Artistans   
> Kaare’s Spider-Man movie prediction
> Self-flagellation vs. public shaming
> The thing about beginnings & endings




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