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#50: JUSTICE BRILLIANT | Teen COVID Blues + Healing Political Divides by Sacrificing Lizard People

A Father-Son chat

Teenage “Son of Super Nice” JUSTICE BRILLIANT helps us celebrate our first podcast anniversary by joining us on Episode #50. In this father-son talk, Justice dishes on what it’s like to be a high school senior during COVID, and brings up some pretty big questions in the process:

> Is COVID driving a wedge between you and your kids?

> Why is it so hard for some parents to trust their children?

> Are teen mental health issues being swept under the rug? 

Far more than just the “son of super nice”, Justice is a college-bound starting pitcher with a parchment-dry sense of humor who currently works as the Director of Marketing for a nationally-ranked collegiate summer league baseball team. 

Justice also discusses the “COVID College Conundrum” for academics and athletics, finally solves the highly-contentious “milk or cereal first” argument, presents a plan for bringing red & blue together (hint, it involves sacrificing lizard people), opines on the future of Qanon, pledges his love for Buckaroo Banzai, and most vitally ….

He GUARANTEES that his powerful right arm will strike out MLB prospects ANDREW VAUGHN and SPENCER TORKELSON (charity challenge to take place at Healdsburg Rec Park). If you can reach either of these future HOFers, let ’em know that in order to scale the highest heights, they’ll first have to conquer Young Master Brilliant.  🙂


Big love to you all. Whatever you’re doing, STAY NICE!

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Ever been afraid to follow your true passion? The guests of Nice Work! have all been there, and they've all taken the leap of faith...and stuck the landing. Host Tod Brilliant is the founder of the Super Nice Club, and his guests will hopefully give you the power to make your world 10% nicer.

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