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#81: JW Francis | It’s a Wanderful Life

Musician and explorer JW Francis Wanders through Nice Work!

JW Francis is a fascinating young human. We can’t summarize it any better than his Spotify bio:

Raised in Paris, living in New York City, assistant to a Nobel Prize Winner, licensed New York City tour guide and Murder Mystery business owner, JW Francis is a super nice musician whose brand new album, “Wanderkid” is a thing of beauty. His brand of lo-fi, utterly irresistible bedroom dream-pop takes its lead from the city JW lives in, with echoes of Jonathan Richman, The Velvet Underground and the lo-fi sound New York has been inspiring for decades.

Future indie classics that reek of modern New York City Charm”

DIY Magazine on JW Francis

Admit it, you’re more than a little intrigued. So press play, hear a new song from JW and listen in as he talks about his brand new record, “Wanderkid” and…

> Hiking 2000 miles along the Appalachian trail

> How you can win his new album on vinyl

> The beautiful, soul-stirring, life-changing power of simply walking

> Dropping the distractions and going all-in on The Dream

Also, if you know King Krule, please put him in touch with JW so they can make musical magic together.

Earlier this year, JW Francis took a big ol’ walk. Not like across town or even across the Brooklyn Bridge, but from-Georgia-to-Vermont-long. The musician and explorer had just come off the Appalachian Trail and returned to his home in Brooklyn when we caught up with him to talk about the joys of walking and wandering and of course, his new album, called appropriately enough “Wanderkid.” 

Raised in Paris, living in New York City, former assistant to a Nobel Prize Winner, licensed New York City tour guide and Murder Mystery business owner, JW Francis is an all-around super nice human and incredibly talented lo-fi-bedroom-pop-wunderkind. We talk about it all, and find inspiration in JW’s creativity and approach to life. Most (if not all) Nice Work! guests have taken a leap of faith into life and their work and career in one way or another, but JW is mid-flight.


@jw__francis: Our first stab at the latest Instagram segment could have gone better but don’t let that stop you from following @jw__francis

@quiltinvader: JW’s Dad, who draws his tour posters and does in fact, make quilts. 

Only With You”: Take a listen to the jangly single and let us know if it doesn’t get your toes tapping, then pick up the record.

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