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#53: RAJANPREET KAUR | 250 Million Farmers Can’t Be Wrong!

Rajanpreet Kaur of the Sikh Coalition

In this special “extra” edition of Nice Work, Rajanpreet Kaur of the Sikh Coalition delivers an important overview and update of the ongoing Farmers Protest in India. Haven’t heard of it? As you read this, 250 million farmers in India are taking a stand against their government and predatory corporations as part of the biggest protest in human history. Why should you care? Because there are many global ramifications of what should be seen as a massive proxy battle for the rights of workers all around the world.

A nicer world requires that the people who dedicate their lives to growing our food – without which none of us exist – are treated with respect. Better yet, they should be revered. 

In just a half-hour, Rajanpreet details the situation and explains how you can help make a real difference … how you can bring about a nicer world. 🙂

> Super Nice farmers need you!

> Practicing faith FEARLESSLY

> Proxy battles for workers everywhere

> Big Gov + Big Corporations = Not Super Nice

> The Threat of a Bad Example

> How to pronounce Sikh


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