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#34: MIDI MATILDA | Music, Musk, Martians: Is It Really Just a Game?

Might be. Might not be.

When Skyler Kilborn and Logan Grimé join forces, they merge into the formidable music machine the world knows as MIDI MATILDA. Over the past decade, the band has released not just memorable music, but also some of the most creative and entertaining music videos this side of “Take On Me.”

In this episode, we’ll talk about their brand-spanking-new EP, listen to one of the tracks, catch up with the state of the music industry, and take a weird but possibly true dive into their work with Elon Musk and alien technology. Let’s just say this podcast could be the wake-up call that will save the entire world of humanity. Not to be dramatic, but sometimes you just have to say the words. 

> New music
> Elon Musk
> New city
> Alien technology
> Neuralink brain implants
> Private Investors as biz model for bands
> MM’s new EP “Just A Game”

New Music:
All things Midi Matilda:

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