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#51: PROUD MARY COFFEE | Do Nolan & Shari Hirte Make the Best Coffee in the World?

The Coffe King Spills the Beans

PROUD MARY COFFEE: The best coffee in the world! It’s a bold claim to make, and wildly subjective, but this podcast host is making it on behalf of his guests. Because, not only is it totally plausible, and a super nice thing to say, but maybe it will help them with Google search results when people type in ‘what’s the best coffee in the world’. Hey, this is how the Super Nice Club helps our members.  🙂

This is a great talk with a wife-husband team who have conquered coffee territory after coffee territory. First Perth, Australia, then Melbourne, than Portland, and now they’re off to teach Austin, Texas a thing or two. Along the way, they’ve learned so much and never, ever let their lack of direct expertise overwhelm their passion and vision. There’s a lesson or three in here for all of us, so take a listen if you’re ready to give yourself a direct kick in the ass.


> The massive difference exemplary service makes

> Tips for working married couples with/without COVID

> Wine=200 flavor compounds. Coffee=1000+ flavor compounds. Who knew?

> What REAL sharing can really look like in a nicer world

> Milk and sugar: The twin sins of coffee?

> Work-life-marriage balance

> Is premium coffee wildly underpriced?

> Learning to be okay when everything is absolutely not okay

> Coffee and climate change. What’s gonna happen?

> Why taking risks is worth the risk

> Freezing coffee – rules and regulations

> The Great Squeegee Question

> The mistake of saving money to launch your great idea

> Wild? Mild? Curious? What kind of coffee drinker are you?


Proud Mary =

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