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#41: DAVE SAVAGE| Making Smart Mortgage (and Coffee) Choices

Dave Savage is founder and CEO of Mortgage Coach. He has dedicated himself to making sure that YOU don’t make bad decisions around your mortgage. What he offers, at no charge to the homebuyer, has helped hundreds of thousands of Americans achieve their dream of financial freedom. More than that, Dave is an inspirational business leader, father, friend and husband whose appreciation for people, culture and the arts fuels his drive. As with all guests of Nice Work! Dave has found the secret formula that allowed him to turn his passion (helping people) into a career. Listen in and get inspired to do the same! Oh, and the bit about meeting John Travolta in an elevator? Priceless.

Some Topics We May or May or May Not Cover:

> Most people make terrible home loan decisions. How you can avoid doing the same
> The Superior Food Scene: Portland vs. California Bay Area
> Rent vs. Loan Analysis: How to get one. Why you need one
> The best coffee shops in the USA
> Where are mortgage rates headed in 2021?
> Why (most) loan officers absolutely do not suck
> Proud Mary – The World’s Greatest Breakfast
> Dave’s absolutely EPIC missed opportunity
> Super Nice Club Coffee?
> Dave’s morning routine
> Self-defeating narratives that hold us back
> Win a Super Nice Club Hoodie
> Dave’s Super Nice Challenge for you|
> If your loan officer isn’t using Mortgage Coach, find another one


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