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#44: RYAN THOMPSON | Homeless Vets Vs. Mega-Developers – The Battle for the Most Valuable Land in the U.S.A.

Boy Howdy, this is a wild and wooly episode! Activist RYAN THOMPSON takes us through the battle between homeless veterans and mega developers over the most valuable piece of property in the United States … which is a proxy battle between human dignity and those who would trample it for financial gain….and from there into subjects and information that you have every right to wonder about. Things like illegal body part harvesting, the UCLA “meth to vets” program, MK Ultra mind control and much more. This is, on the surface, a very different episode of NICE WORK! but really, at the core, it’s the same as the others — how true passion for important work makes the world a nicer place. 

For those who don’t read blocks of text, here’s the bullet version:

> Brentwood Community Council vs. Unsheltered Veterans
> Unsheltered Veterans in LA
> The UCLA “Meth to Vets” program
> The UCLA body part harvesting scandal
> The UCLA brain bank
> The little-known origin tale of West LA
> The Brentwood School – Private School, Public Funds
> MK Ultra
> Lobotomies on Vets



“10% More Nice” by Keith Allen @chetsaber


Brentwood Community Council:

Veterans’ Row:

VA Land Misuse:

Meth to Vets:

Body Parts Swapping:


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