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#74: VICTOR LYTVINENKO | How to Make the Best Jeans in the World

Raleigh Denim Workshop Gonna Work It Out

VICTOR LYTVINENKO and his wife SARAH founded Raleigh Denim Workshop, where they make some of the world’s very finest handcrafted denim jeans (among other things). And guess how much they knew about their industry before they jumped in? Nada. Could it be that passion counts every bit as much as expertise? Listen in, meet a cool new human and get inspired to pursue your passion.

In this episode, we talk with Victor about:

> The serious super niceness of selvage denim fetishism. 

> Antique tools, looms, mills … and why they matter

> Starting a venture with your significant other – tips and lessons

> Why made in the USA is super nice

> The $100 million Super Nice University of Lost Skills & Old Tools aka University of Craft

> Can your pair of jeans last 10 years?

> Should you EVER wash your jeans?  

> Hand Drawn Grade Rules – what?

> Why basketball is so much nicer than soccer/baseball/ping pong


Raleigh Denim Workshop

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