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#37: CHID LIBERTY | Made in Africa: The Rise of the Black Louis Vuitton

Chid Liberty is the founder of Liberty and Justice as well as Made in Africa. Chid served as the Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the University of Liberia’s Monrovia Business Startup Center which was founded by Spark, a Dutch NGO, for whom Chid manages the Ignite Fund (Liberia) He also speaks internationally on social entrepreneurship and impact investing —recently at Harvard, Stanford, and Princeton Universities, as well as the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia and IE Business School in Madrid, Spain.

The real gold of Africa is its creativity

Chid Liberty

Chid and his team are revolutionizing how the business of fashion and apparel manufacturing is done in Africa, with a model that empowers and enriches workers and investors alike while enhancing fairness, promoting women’s rights, and working to eradicate African poverty. If you’re into any of those things, you’re listening to the right podcast. Chid iscgenuinely on track to emulate and improve on the model and legacy of Louis Vuitton. We also talk about:

> The surprising coolness of Wisconsin

> The history of Liberia

> China, WTO & the African apparel industry

> The true price of cheap clothing

> The late, great Thomas Sankara

> Postcolonial African responsibility & progress

Liberty & Justice

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Thomas Sankara Speaks

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