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Chaz Jordan Portrait 2021

#19: CHAZ JORDAN | The Genius Behind the Ih Nom Uh Nit Fashion Label

If you’re into streetwear, luxury fashion, hip hop, or really smart humans we have a helluva show for you with clothing designer and creative director Chaz Jordan. Chaz founded IH NOM UH NIT, Laundered Works Corp and Race to Grace. 

If you’re looking for name drops, I’ve got ‘em:
Jay-Z, Karl Lagerfeld , Kanye, Andre 3K, Virgil Abloh, Don C, 2 Chainz, Celine… Chaz has stories about them all… keep an ear out for great tips on how to get started in the fashion industry, the value of just being liked and the role of brands and designers during social protest and upheaval.

Chaz is the best. You’ll see.

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