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Logan Grimé, creator of VIB3 Machine and cofounder of Midi Matilda, discusses his idea of using music to unify humanity. He believes that songs, and specifically melodies, connect people like nothing else in the universe. To create more timeless songs and build a community around people excited about the same idea, Grimé has been sharing the process of writing songs publicly and even plans to open-source the production of those songs to as many people as possible. His vision is to create songs that can be interpreted in real-time, and through the community of people creating their own versions of the song, an interactive music format can be created. Logan believes that listening to songs in the future will be interactive, with AI helping create songs and voices in new ways that add, not overtake, to the whole of music. He coined the term ‘underlick’, a standalone melody that works beneath the singer’s voice as the song progresses, as a way to help explain the underpinnings to his philosophy of song structure. He believes that the ability to create melodies is fundamental to being human, and encourages everyone to explore their innate musical ability.


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