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Mark Russell is an author, cartoonist, comic book writer and all-around hyper-intelligent human who gives a damn. He weaves his poignant social commentary not only into entirely new universes, but also into some of your favorite characters, from The Flintstone and Snagglepuss to Superman, Jesus Christ…and a bunch of others. But hey you can just read all about Mark on Wikipedia. You’re here to listen, not read, so click the link below and listen to Mark’s melodic voice sound wise around subjects like:

> “Traveling to Mars” = your new fave terminally ill hero

> The sad story that is Superman Space Age

> Why writers will win the strike

> Mark’s next project…it sounds so damned cool.

> YOUR unbelievable Flintsones opportunity

> Zines. Remember them?

> AI talk, of course, because that shit’s crazy and is going to end up ruining you

> $20 panckakes….err….flapjacks….err….flapjaX

> Debunking the false narrative on Portland, Oregon

> The refugee problem in the USA.  
> Mark’s super simple hard to remember Super Nice Challenge


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