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#39: JOIVAN WADE | Each One Teach One — Lessons from a DC Superhero

For most actors, playing a DC superhero would be a career highlight, possibly the pinnacle … .but for JOVIAN WADE, it’s just one of many bold strokes for a young Black man still in his mid-20s. We’ll talk with Joivan about his career achievements, but more than that…so much more than that, we talk about his passion for improving the lives of others and through this work, the world.

A little of what we cover, to give an idea, but just dive into the episode. Wade is one inspiring human being. Trust me on this!

> Wade’s World Foundation – Inspiring generations to be the best they can be
> Joivan’s Morning “I’m Gonna Crush the World” Success Routine
> “Wade in the Water” Joivan’s brand-new and crazy powerful short film
> The world-changing power of Science Fiction
> Why, exactly, everything we do is of service to others.
> The new age of awesome Black superheroes
> The powerful impact of hard-working parents who give a damn
> Joivan’s super nice challenge for YOU



All things Joivan
Wade in the Water (watch it now!)
Hear Me (watch it now!)

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