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#17: JOEP VAN LIESHOUTt: Real Freedom, Shaker Sex & the Utopian Distopia that is Modern Life

Dutch artist Joep van Lieshout is an internationally-acclaimed sculptor, painter, all-around artistic powerhouse who heads up Atelier Van Lieshout in Rotterdam. His works explore issues of self-sufficiency, power dynamic, sex, life, death, consumption, capitalism (and pretty much all the other -isms) and so much more.  While we barely scratch the surface in this conversation, we get into the procreational challenge faced by the Shakers, the fascist leanings of Italian Futurists, the Utopian vision of YVL-Ville and, of course, the big problem with the U.S. Constitution that nobody wants to address.

Atelier van Lieshout

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